^Law of reflection

^Law of reflection

  1. The Incident ray, Reflected ray & normal to the reflecting surface at the point of incidence all are coplanar i.e. lie in the same plane
  2. Angle of incidence = Angle of reflection Maximum value of angle of incidence & angle of reflection is 900 & minimum is 00.
  3. Normal lies between Incident ray & reflected ray.

Using law of reflection we can say

(a) For normal incidence (i.e. i  = 0) rays of light reflect back & retrace the path.

(b) Light ray passing through pole along principal axis of a mirror of any kind retraces its path i.e. suffers a deviation of 1800.

(c) Light rays parallel to principal axis passes through the focus after reflection.

(d) Light rays through focus become parallel to the principal axis after reflection.

(e) Light ray incident at some angle to principal axis emerges at equal angle with the principal axis after the reflection.

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