^Forces in circular motion

^Forces in circular motion

When seen from inertial frame two types of forces act is a circular motion, one that changes speed & the other that changes direction.

A force that acts tangential of velocity changes the speed only, called tangential force. Its

magnitude is given by

A force acting normal to velocity towards turning centre, along the radius & changes direction is called centripetal force or radial force.

It is not a different type of force. It is actually the resultant of the forces acting on a system & directed towards the center of the circle. For planet revolving around sun gravitational force is centripetal. For a string whirled in a horizontal circle tension in the string is centripetal force. For oscillating pendulum resultant of tension in the string & normal component of weight is centripetal.

Example 1

The electrostatic force of attraction between electrons & nucleus changes the direction of electrons revolving around the nucleus thus we can write

FCP = Felctrostatic    


Example  2

Gravitational force of attraction between the moon & the earth changes the direction of moon thus we can

write, FCP = Fgravitational

Example 3

Magnitude of centripetal force on a mass moving with velocity v in a circular path of radius r at constant speed (i.e. uniform circular motion) is



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