^The analogy

The analogy

Both electricity & magnetism has several uses in daily life. Both have the following common features:

1. Are fundamental & conservative forces of nature.

2. Obey inverse square law.

3. Can interact with other materials through induction.

4. Repulsion is the surest test of both magnetism & electricity.

5. Change in electricity produces magnetism & vice – versa.

By following interchange of symbols the relations of electricity are applicable to magnetism.

1. E (Electric field) ↔ B (Magnetic field)

2. + (positive charge) ↔ N (north pole)

3. – (negative charge) ↔ S (south pole)

4. q (charge) ↔ m (pole strength)

5. p (Elec. dipole moment) ↔ M (Mag. dipole moment)


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