Teaching Methodology

I believe what is learned with pleasure is learned in full measure. I attempt to start each topic from the scratch & develop the subject matter in a simple & interactive manner without sacrificing the rigor of the subject so that students can easily understand & derive ideas to solve the problems. More stress is laid on basic concepts. One can’t make his students excel in physics just by dictating the concepts, as then most of the students are busy writing the subject matter mindlessly.

To make the subject more interesting and with permanent impact, passionately crafted 3 D animations, slide shows, working models, physical instruments, interactive quizzes are used in the discussions wherever required. The interactive approach encourages the students to participate in classroom discussions, eliminates hesitation & provides them a rich learning experience. Students are encouraged to ask questions. Asking questions & exploring their possible explanation is very important in the understanding of the subject. I have burnt the midnight oil to make Physics crystal clear so that students can visualize it and keep it at the back of their memory like a snapshot and preserve it throughout their life.


Well researched updated comprehensive study material of each topic in tune with the NCERT textbook is provided to every student before starting a topic in class so that they can pay attention to understand the lectures. Topic-wise concepts, relevant illustrations followed by review questions, and assignments are provided for strategic learning skills. The mathematical formulae related to physical concepts are logically derived from the basic, as far as possible. The problems have been selected and arranged to keep in mind every aspect of the present pattern of competitive exams to give a student a wider but focused exposure to the problems that they may encounter in the exams.


Competitive exams test your fundamentals, which require an intensive logical approach. Regular graded practice problems on the latest exam pattern & level are assigned to all the students to enhance their understanding & application part & build self-confidence. Regular problem solving not only strengthens the concepts but also develops a thinking technique and analytical approach increasing their mental sharpness.


Toppers of various schools are on our rolls. This creates a highly competitive spirit and infuses aptitude for learning in other students also. The small batch size ensures personal attention. No time is wasted in gossiping. Strict discipline is maintained. Students are motivated to work hard with devotion & dedication & go ahead and taste the fruit of success.


Detailed step-by-step coverage of complete course from Basic to Advance level keeping in mind the mental level of the students is done in a planned and synchronized manner. A perfect balance is maintained in covering the syllabus for School exams, board exams, and various competitions. Any change in syllabus or pattern is incorporated in the approach, study material, practice & tests without any delay. Each lecture is video recorded. Students can access video recordings on the APP. Student can also assess their performance through practice tests. Sample tests & previous year papers can be downloaded from the website or can be collected from the institute in the printed format. Complete revision of all +1 topics is done in +2.


We have made the best possible arrangements for ONLINE learning. Students can now learn 24 x 7 on their phone/pc/iPad through our online learning app KP PHYSICS from the comfort of your home at your pace. All the lectures & animations are prepared by KP sir. Online testing, chats, study material, video lectures, assignments, quizzes, doubt annihilation sessions, notifications, announcements, updates all are available on a single learning app.


To make students familiar with the real exam environment regular tests on the latest pattern are held throughout the year using OMR sheets & online tests. This makes students revising the concepts, checking the application part, realizing their level of preparation, weak areas & habit of committing mistakes. Tests are regularly checked & the relative ranking of students is prepared. Doubts of the tests are discussed in the classroom. Tips are provided to improve the score. A detailed chapter-wise test series of the entire syllabus of the +1 & +2 syllabus is conducted. Mock tests are conducted after the +2 board exams. This proves vital in developing proper examination temperament, speed & boosting the confidence level of students. Scholarships & awards are given to encourage the students.


All doubts relating to the subject matter are removed Scientifically and Psychologically during as well as after the lecture so that the students feel confident tackling any concept. Students can also ask for extra time to remove their doubts relating to the current or previous topics. We take care of average students also. Remedial classes are conducted for average students to revise difficult topics. Special counseling sessions are held to help students to improve time management & overcoming problems like low confidence & inferiority complex etc.


Books by Indian authors, foreign authors, textbooks, reference books, and rare books are stocked in the library. Any book can be issued to a student on a returnable basis for one week. Regular magazines and Journals relating to Competitions in Physics are readily available for reading and learning purposes. There are no charges for using the Library facility.


Test results & growth charts of students, exams updates & important notifications are available to both students & parents. Parents can get updates regarding the performance & attendance of their wards by email/phone/SMS/ virtual meetings or by visiting personally. Please fix an appointment before visiting.

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