^Electrostatic force

Electrostatic force

Electrostatic force has following properties

1. Force on any charged particle situated in its electrostatic electric field is given by

  [Called electrostatic Lorentz force

2. This force is independent of direction or amount of their velocity.

3. It acts in the direction of field on a positive charge & acts opposite to the direction of field on a negative charge.

4. Acceleration of a charge particle due to force exerted by the electric field using NSL is

5. Both +ve & -ve charge particle when accelerate under this force always moves in the direction of decreasing potential energy, mathematically this situation is expressed as

Called law of conservative force.

6. Dropping integral & vector sings & rearranging the above relation can be expressed as  i.e. a conservative force is equal to negative of potential energy gradient.

7. Loss of potential energy of a system implies equal amount of gain in the KE so that the mechanical energy (i.e. K + U) of the system moving in electrostatic electric field is always conserved (i.e. constant). This is why electrostatic force is called conservative.

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